At Genius Group International, we believe in seven core service areas that are essential to start, run, and transform an international business so it can survive and thrive. And getting all these services in one place makes things smart and simple.

Accounting and Finance Services

AccountingGenius™ offers a full range of business accounting services for startups and small businesses. Our accounting and finance services include bank account opening, book keeping, payroll, tax preparation, and VAT registration. We will help you from the initial setup stages and stick by you with the most advanced guidance and international support available.  Not to mention, our expertise and cost-effective accounting services will help you save time and cut your expenses so you can boost profitability.

Branding and Design Services

BrandingGenius™ provides a complete range of branding, digital design and multimedia services which help to create your company’s identity and make your business stand out. We can help you choose your brand name, design your logo, build your website, and develop other crucial assets so you can drive international success.

Consulting and Advisory Services

ConsultingGenius™ is a specialised consulting and advisory service for international startups and small businesses. Services include accounting, bank account opening, branding, legal, multilingual marketing, localisation and recruitment. We have the track record and expertise to guide your company from setup to global expansion.

Legal and Company Formation Services

LegalGenius™ provides expert guidance on setting up new businesses and ventures across the world, and helps to remove the location barriers to starting a business. We offer a range of advanced legal solutions for entrepreneurs and startups exploring international business opportunities. We will be your guide through complex legal procedures, networking with local authorities, opening corporate bank accounts, trademark registration, debt collection and more.

Marketing and Business Development Services

MarketingGenius™ focuses on growing your business successfully with the latest digital marketing services. Services like SEO and market research are essential for growth in today’s markets, allowing you to grow sales, hire new team members and achieve new heights in your industry.

Recruitment and Talent Searching Services

RecruitingGenius™ is a specialised international business recruitment service with extensive networks around the world. We believe in helping smart businesses grow with smart people. This means our focus is on building the right tools and strategies to help you find the best people for the lowest price in the shortest time. It’s that simple.

Translation and Interpreting Services

TranslationGenius™ speaks all the official languages spoken in the world. With the growth of Internet and global communications, it’s easier than ever to reach an audience that’s thousands of miles away—but only with the right translation services provider. Expand your reach and gain a global industry foothold with TranslationGenius™.