If you want to realise your brand’s potential, it has to be tailored for its audience, and when you’re a global brand, translation isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that you speak to your audience using the right cultural nuances.

At TranslationGenius™ we take the risk out of the multicultural messaging of your brand.

We offer specialist transcreation services for a wide range of customers across the world. Rather than translating the source material, our transcreation team use cultural and linguistic expertise drawn from the target market, to produce a culturally appropriate version without losing the impact of your source text. Text featuring creative wordplay and techniques such as assonance or alliteration requires more than a straightforward translation; it needs to be transcreated to ensure this impact is retained. Our transcreation services encompass drafting, testing, and refining stages – similar to the workflow used by advertising agencies to write source copy – in order to achieve the desired effect in the target language. The same process can also be applied to longer body copy where appropriate.

Back-translations and explanations of any adapted copy are supplied along with the transcreation deliverables, putting you firmly in control of the message to be transmitted.