Government & NGO Translation Services

At TranslationGenius™ we specialize in translating documents for governments and NGOs. Government agencies, NGOs, and charities all trust TranslationGenius™ for their translation needs.


We bridge the communication gap between different languages and provide accurate translations by certified translators with knowledge of governmental and NGOs procedures. We’ll carefully allocate your project to the best translator for the job.

What kind of content and documents do we translate for governments & NGOs?

Website Localization

With website localization, our translators will adapt your website to the local language and culture of your target market, which requires more than just a simple translation of text.

Events Branding and Documentation

For government agencies and NGOs, events are important for networking and spreading the word about initiatives. Make sure your event’s branding and documentation makes sense in the desired language.

Online and Print Communications

Traditional and digital marketing materials serve as powerful tools to attract and inform donors, talent, partners, and other stakeholders. You can be confident that our translators will get the message across to your target audience.

Research and Reports

Many people are relying on research and reports to learn about your organization. With so much important information contained in these documents, your business can’t afford confusing and inaccurate translations.

Legal/Diplomatic Documents

Our translators understand that the contents of legal and diplomatic documents can be very complex. This complexity needs to be carefully considered when they’re being translated into another language.

Bids, Tenders, and Procurement

You want to create effective bids and tenders so your organization is awarded contracts that will help it thrive. If your bids need to be in a different language, our certified translators can help you communicate your offering in a clear and convincing manner.