IT & Software Translation Services

Being competitive in the software industry is difficult. By translating your business’ documents and online content, you’ll be able to tap into markets that were previously inaccessible.

With software translations in over 150 languages delivered in a short time frame, you can set your software ahead of your competitors. In addition to creating precise translations, our experts will ensure your software is adapted in terms of usability and readability in order to create a valuable experience for all of your users.

What kind of IT & software documents do we translate?

Mobile Apps/Software Applications

The applications you’ve created should be easy and fun to use for your users. They should understand how using these applications benefits them. Our certified translators will make sure the text is clear in the languages they speak.

Web Content

Your website, blogs and other online content should inform and persuade customers about your products and services. Our professional translations will ensure that your business’ web content is effective.

XML, HTML, and Database files

XML, HTML, and database files all contain important data about your websites and databases. It’s important that they’re translated correctly so all of your employees can understand them.


It’s likely that your IT & software business has a lot of documentation for a variety of different purposes. They can be user guides, white papers, legal documents, and more. Don’t let important information in these documents get lost in translation.